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Saturday, 06 July 2019 21:00


Saturday, July 6, 9 p.m.
Plateau in front of the Military Museum
Concert of the Music Ensemble
Ticket Price: 500 RSD



Ođila is a Serbian ensemble which was founded in 1983. The word “ođila” is a compound of two words in Romani language: ‘ođi’ meaning soul and ‘đila’ meaning song. The band was founded by Igor Dunjić-Zveržanovski and Slobodan Simonović. Soon after they were joined by Davorka Bosnić and Sanja Uzelac, and subsequently by Boris Nikolić, Andrej Stefanović and Nikola Diklić.


Their repertoire consists of the traditional music of the Romani people of Eastern Europe. Ođila define their style as Gypsy music, based on the tradition of the Romen Theatre from Moscow and the music from legendary Yugoslav and foreign films dealing with Romani such as ‘The Gypsy Camp Rolls into the Sky, ‘My Sweet, Lovable Beast’ and others.


Ođila used to enjoy huge popularity in former Yugoslavia, where they performed all around the country. They represented Yugoslavia in the World Festival of Gypsy Music in London in 1988, where they received several awards. They released five albums, two of which were certified Gold.


In the last few years Ođila has held several outstanding concerts, among which a concert at BELEF in Captain Miša's Mansion in front of a record number of visitors.


Its current lineup consists of Bosnić, Uzelac, Nikolić, Stefanović and Simonović.    



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Belef 2019.

Founder and Patron of the Belgrade Summer Festival:
Assembly of the City of Belgrade


Board of the 28th Belgrade Summer Festival BELEF 2019
Chair: Jasmina Trumbetaš Pertrović
Members of the Board: Professor Fadilj Eminović, Ivona Jevtić, Aleksandar Đaja, Marija Krulj
Artistic Director: Professor Aleksandar Ilić


Executive Producer:
Belgrade Festivals Centre – CEBEF
Acting Director: Damir Handanović
Secretary: Ana Butrić
Festival Producer: Vanja Vuksanović
Programme Coordinator: Vojislav Milin
Technical Organizer: Saša Nenadović
Chief Organizer and Protocol: Jelena Lunić
Organizers: Darija Jevtić, Katarina Radovanović, Goran Marković, Gavrilo Nenadović, Vanja Aleksić, Aleksandra Bakić
Marketing: Olga Baletić
Public Relations: Jelena Vasić
Visual Identity Designer: Simona Dašić-Raca
Web Design: Dejan Bojović
Accounting: Nela Kuzmanović, Mirjana Panić, Marina Vasilić, Danijela Ranđelović, Slađana Šoškić,
Support and Legal Services: Nebojša Ignjatović, Marijana Stanković, Biljana Tarbuk Stanojević, Jelena Vuković

CEBEF prepares and organizes film, music and multimedia ambient festivals with a tradition spanning over decades.


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Address : Ilije Garašanina 24

11000 Beograd

Phone : +381 11 3236530

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