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Saturday, 29 June 2019 18:00


Saturday, June 29, 6 p.m.
Plateau in front of the Military Museum
Theatre Play for Children
Text and Direction: Sonja Knežević
Free Programme


Text and Direction: Sonja Knežević
Costume and Set Design: Tanja Žiropađa
Music Selection and Production: Kreativni tim


Little Red Riding Hood: Zlatija Ivanović Ocokoljić
Grandma and Mom: Sonja Knezević
Huntsman: Boško Puletić
Wolf: Dejan Stojaković




What kind of a fairy tale is ‘Little Red Riding Hood’? It is a fairy tale which tells the story of trust and friendship. Our Little Red Riding Hood is above all a brave girl, happy and eager to play, very caring for her mom and grandma. She cares about everything and loves everything in the world. The wolf does not have to be bad. He can be very lonely and eager to play. Our wolf loves to eat sweets. He is interested only in the basket with the gifts for grandma. The huntsman is a wonderful man who writes poems for grandma so that she would like him. He has the soul of a poet. He has a great desire to catch the wolf but fails at it because he is very emotional. The huntsman would not hurt a fly, therefore the wolf becomes his friend. It is a fairy tale of love.



The content of this interactive performance sparks children's imagination and creativity. In addition to playing and quality entertainment, our goal is to give our children some new insights, what a lie means, and what is the truth, how to deal with temptations, unpleasant life situations and realize that in life the most important is love, friendship, truth and honesty. The play is intended for ages from three to nine and lasts about 45 minutes. The inevitable part of the play is music, therefore children, beside the witty script, will be able to enjoy songs as well.



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Belef 2019.

Founder and Patron of the Belgrade Summer Festival:
Assembly of the City of Belgrade


Board of the 28th Belgrade Summer Festival BELEF 2019
Chair: Jasmina Trumbetaš Pertrović
Members of the Board: Professor Fadilj Eminović, Ivona Jevtić, Aleksandar Đaja, Marija Krulj
Artistic Director: Professor Aleksandar Ilić


Executive Producer:
Belgrade Festivals Centre – CEBEF
Acting Director: Damir Handanović
Secretary: Ana Butrić
Festival Producer: Vanja Vuksanović
Programme Coordinator: Vojislav Milin
Technical Organizer: Saša Nenadović
Chief Organizer and Protocol: Jelena Lunić
Organizers: Darija Jevtić, Katarina Radovanović, Goran Marković, Gavrilo Nenadović, Vanja Aleksić, Aleksandra Bakić
Marketing: Olga Baletić
Public Relations: Jelena Vasić
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Web Design: Dejan Bojović
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Support and Legal Services: Nebojša Ignjatović, Marijana Stanković, Biljana Tarbuk Stanojević, Jelena Vuković

CEBEF prepares and organizes film, music and multimedia ambient festivals with a tradition spanning over decades.


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11000 Beograd

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