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Whipped Cream Songs

Saturday, 2 July
Captain Miša’s Mansion Courtyard at 9 PM

(Whipped Cream Songs)

Anja  Đorđević, vocal
Petar Živanović, violin
Boris Brezovac, viola
Ivan Ranković, clarinet
Sava Đurić, bassoon
Srđan Đorđević, double bass

Šlageri sa šlagom are “eternal little melodies”, refined thanks to the spirit of the moment captured in Anja Đorđević’s voice and arrangements. The songs strive towards beauty and elegant harmony, but they are equally goofy, childish and romantic. They are objects of sparkling joy and a melancholic reminder of the time when voices from the records warmed up the room, crackling and gentle.
Тhe programme of the concert Šlageri sa šlagom features songs which were recorded on the eponymous CD: Buc buc, Femme fatale, Susret, Samo to, Waltz, Zbog nas, Ti, Lija, Džaba džaba, Pa šta, Paloma blanca, Zubi zubi zu...  
Original lyrics written by: Maja Pelević and Slobodan Obradović.

A composer who sings her own pieces – a little bit like Barbara Strozzi at the beginning of the 17th Century, Anja Đorđević occupies the musical habitat of the composer and vocal performer. Her music provides a platform for dialogue with the works of the previous epochs, with the melodies which formed her, which she fancies, which she wants to possess. It looks like Anja Đorđević is bound to the world of melodies which use her as a medium to reach the listeners, but not before being enriched, transformed, and outlandish. At the same time, as a performer Anja Đorđević is profoundly intertwined with the stage, merging in her creations the experience of “musical” abstract communicativeness and physical experience of the stage and body.
Anja Đorđević was born in Belgrade in 1970. She graduated from the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, Department of Composition, where she studied with Vlastimir Trajković and Zoran Erić. In 2003 she received the Mokranjac Award for her chamber opera Narcissus and Echo, her pioneering work which launched the “new wave” of Serbian opera written by female composers in the 21st Century. Anja Đorđević has composed music for theatre and film projects, while the music theatre remains her primary domain of expression. In the 1990s she collaborated with the double bass player Vojin Drаškoci in the project entitled Musical Syntheses, and since 2000 she performed in the ethno-fusion ensemble Marsija together with Georges Grujić. She was a member of the band Ravno nebo (The Flat Sky) and she founded the sextet Šlageri sa šlagom. Her threefold career of the singer, arranger and performer Ana Đorđević has so far developed in original and critically acclaimed works such as the already mentioned opera Narcissus and Echo, project Tesla Songs, piece for symphony orchestra Abduction of Europa, multimedial composition Advertisements, Der Gott Der Stadt for mixed choir and string orchestra, stage cantata Atlas for female voice, chamber orchestra and narrator, etc.

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