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Poetic cabaret Ivo Andrić

Tuesday, 12 July
Captain Miša’s Mansion Courtyard at 9 PM

Poetic cabaret Ivo Andrić

Perhaps it’s a poet’s mission to help a man uncover himself and mature. Or to, at the very least, light the dark passages that life takes us through. For the storyteller and his work are of little consequence if they don’t facilitate the man or the mankind.
In the poetic cabaret Ivo Andrić we wished to reveal Andrić as a poet, a man who loved music and who profoundly contemplated the world, the people, politics, state and culture, old age and youth, love and death. Since Andrić was not known for his poetry, this cabaret will provide a unique opportunity to hear some of his songs, set to music by Rade Radivojević; his favourite songs, sung at his Nobel Prize Banquet, parts of his speech at the ceremony, a few stories of his about small people – market vendors, barbers, travelling circus artists, and, perhaps most interesting of all, his own love story – for thirty years Andrić patiently loved one woman, until she finally became his wife.
This special homage to Andrić will be presented by the actors of the National Theatre in Belgrade, Vjera Mujović and Aleksandar Srećković Kubura, as well as the composer Rade Radivojević.

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