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Sunday, 19 June
Captain Miša’s Mansion Courtyard at 9 PM


As an overture to the 25th jubilee of the Belgrade Summer Festival BELEF, on the occasion of the International Music Day, exclusive guests from Spain – Los Mambo Jambo – will treat us to their performance. Serbian band Zemlja Gruva!, who are currently promoting their new album, will perform as the supporting act for the rock band from Spain.

Los Mambo Jambo, band from Barcelona, has become the epitome of the rock’ n’ roll scene in Spain as well as in Europe since its formation in 2009, due to their energetic performance, original repertoire and unique sound. The members of the band are Dani Nel.Lo (saxophone), Mario Kobo (guitar), Ivan Kovačević (double bass) and Anton Jarl (drums).
Jambology (Buenritmo Records, 2016) is their third studio album. It contains twelve new numbers full of action, play and the band’s distinctive exotic sound.
Part of their success lies in their energetic live performances. Their repertoire consists of intense numbers, played with utmost devotion and precision. In a word, the live performances of the Los Mambo Jambo represent the perfect connection between the audience and the band.
Spanish Association of Artists and Performers, along with the Cervantes Institute, started the project of promoting Spanish music and musicians outside of Spain. The performers of various profiles and styles have been chosen as a part of the programs AIEnRUTa Artistas and AIEnRUTa Flamencos. The network of the Cervantes Institute arranges performances of selected artists from all over the world.   

The real starting point in the history of Zemlja gruva!, which was formed as the result of numerous ideas, ambitions, projects and subprojects, was the creation of the Gruvlend! Studio. Its founder Milovan was first joined by Zoe, Konstrakta and Sobaja; Niče joined them after graduating from the University in Vienna, and talented Perica played the trombone at one point and subsequently stayed in the group. After the successful performance at the Beovision Festival in 2008, the band experienced many ups and downs. The key moment occurred in November 2009, with the appearance of Nebojša Yowanovich Nesha, who took over the organizational aspects. Six months later, the first album WTF is Gruvlend? was released on their own internet label gruvlend.net, followed by a huge attention of the media. The album spurred a series of hit singles which reached the highest positions of all relevant music charts in Serbia, including the MTV Domaćica.  
Soon after the release of the album they were faced with the necessity to expand the band for live gigs. After many troubles and more or less successful rehearsals, they finally stopped at the number of 11 people. Presently a band with the most members on our music scene, it has grown in a relatively short amount of time from a club attraction into a “monster band”, evolving into a rare and very welcome phenomenon on Serbian pop music scene.
The distinct sound profile of Zemlja gruva!, along with the diversity of music styles and the recognizable impact of the brass section, is largely determined by the band’s frontline trio – Zoe Kidah, Konstrakta and MC Milovan, three vocal soloists with different music tastes and manners of singing. This well rehearsed vocal trio has been ruling the scene for over a decade, and they are also known for their collaboration with the band Mistake Mistake alongside whom they performed as an opening act for the famous names such as the Prodigy, Punjabi MC, Kosheen, Capleton and others.

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