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LIFE IS A LOTTERY, monodrama

Wednesday, 27 July
Captain Miša’s Mansion Courtyard at 9 PM

LIFE IS A LOTTERY, monodrama

Screenplay: Vladimir Đurđević
Director:  Bojana Lazić
Video projection, camera and editing: Milina Trišić

Cast:  Monika Romić

Life is a Lottery is a tragicomedy which narrates a sequence of unbelievable events which occur to our protagonist Vera in the period of 24 hours.
Vera arrives to a train station and starts to tell her unusual story which involves her husband, her lover, a female neighbour, her maid of honour, mum and dad, lottery balls, laptop, emergency service, announcer at the train station… When Vera’s husband wins the lottery jackpot and learns immediately afterwards that she has been cheating on him, her drama starts to unfold. During the show, the audience becomes Vera’s accomplice, and in the end it also decides about her faith, i.e. about the closure of the play: whether the heroine chooses freedom over cash, or she ends up in jail, waiting to pick up the millions after she has been released.
The play relies on interaction with the audience and it is accompanied by music and video projections.
Life is a Lottery had its premiere on 23 March 2016 at the Theatre Carte Blanche in Zemun

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