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Ibrica Jusić

Friday, 1 July
Captain Miša’s Mansion Courtyard at 9 PM

In case of rain: Atelje 212

Ibrica Jusić burst onto the music scene at the Zagreb Festival in 1968, winning the first place for the song “Celuloidni pajac“. From then on his career as a chansonnier started to take off. Relying on the elements of the French chanson, he created a recognizable and rather authentic artistic expression characterized by lyricism and intellect. He made Dubrovačke ljetne igre (Dubrovnik Summer Festival) “his own festival”, where he has been hosting midnight concerts at the Skaline in Dubrovnik and giving solo guitar recitals at the Rector’s palace for decades.
He released his first album in 1975 which made him famous across the whole Yugoslav federation, especially with his early songs such as: “Mačka”, “Jubi san vašu ćer“, “Osobenjak“, ”Još uvijek ne znam neke važne stvari“, which earned him a number of awards, as well as “Dobro jutro“, “Margareta“, “Ponoć“ and others.
He set to music lyrics by Luko Paljetak, Dobriša Cesarić, Aleksa Šantić, Mika Antić, William Shakespeare, Bertolt Brecht and Drago Britvić, among others.
He released a self-titled symphony album Ibrica in 1981. Ibrica's older brother, maestro Đelo Jusić, worked with him on the songs. The album was produced in rich Mediterranean arrangements. It contained songs such as “Šalom Sara”, “U svakom slučaju te volim”, “Na Stradunu” and others.
He paid homage to his first, spiritual homeland and the country of his parents Bosnia and Hercegovina by releasing the album Amanet in 2003 which featured a number of the most beautiful Bosnian sevdalinka songs recorded in new, modern arrangements.   
Ibrica Jusić performed on numerous occassions at the most important music festivals in former Yugoslavia. He was the most loyal to Split Festival and Zagrebfest. Lately, he has appeared frequently at the Evenings of Dalmatian chanson.

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