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Sunday, 26 June
Captain Miša's Mansion Courtyard at 9 PM

and DADOV Theatre members


Middle Age Dances (12th-14th Century):
Canzonetta Tedesca, Salterello II & III
Kalenda maya (Raimbaut Vaqueiras, +1207)
Cominciamento di gioia, Ghaetta & Trotto
Tuit cil qui sunt enamourat, Branle de cheval
Butchers Round Dance,  Minstrels Dance, Girls Round Dance

Rennaisance Dances (15th-16th Century):
Danza La alta (Francesco della Torre, around 1500)
Venetian Dances (around 1540):
L'agricola, La gambetta, Les forze d'Hercole,
Il buratto,La Manfrolina, La traditora
Allemande, Pavane passamezzo, Gaillarde,
Bransle de Bourgogne, Bransle de Champaigne I & II  
(Claude Gervaise, 1525-83)
Passamezzo (Adrian le Roy, 1551),
Witches' Dance, Kempe's Jig, La volta
La mignona de Catalonia
(Gaspar Sanz, 1640-1710)
Piva Veneziana (Joan Ambrosio Dalza, 1508)

Rennaisance Ensemble Soloists:
Dragan Mlađenović - Vocal, Divan-saz, Žorž Grujić - Recorder, Bagpipe, Rauschpfeife, Dulcian, Pipe, Ljubomir Dimitrijević - Recorder, Bagpipe, Rauschpfeife, Pipe, Aleksandar Jovan Krstić - Recorder, Bagpipe, Rauschpfeife, Ana Mladenović - Recorder, Zoran Kostadinović - Viella, Miomir Ristić - Fidula, Recorder, Bagpipe, Rauschpfeife, Darko Karajić -  Middle Age and Renaissance Lute, Veljko Nikolić - Percussions

Dadov Thetre members
Project by Dragan Mlađenović and Emilija Cerović Mlađa

For Ensemble Renaissance music arranged by Ljubomir Dimitrijević

Founded in 1969 in Belgrade, Renaissance is the oldest early and traditional music ensemble, not only on the ground of former Yugoslavia, but in whole Europe. During past 47 years ensemble performed more than 3000 concerts within Europe, Middle East and North Africa along with participation at many festivals in former Yugoslavia and abroad. Devoted to historical and authentic interpretation, members of the ensemble enriched their repertoire with pieces by Middle Age, Renaissance and Baroque masters as well as with traditional music of the Balkans.
Initiated by the members of the ensemble, the early music studies have been included in the educational system in Serbia. The ensemble founded in 2004 Early Music Center which gathers artists who tend to research and perform early and traditional music. Ensemble Renaissance participated in many theater shows and films. In cooperation with Belgrade Clinic for Psychiatric Diseases Dr Laza Lazarević, Renaissance has been a pioneer of the usage of music therapy
Over the decades the ensemble and its members received many prizes in former Yugoslavia, in Serbia and abroad.    
Their discography includes: LPs Muzika stare Srbije, Muzika starog Jadrana, Najveći hitovi, Mon Amy, and Hommage a l’Amour (PGP PRTB, 1983–88) and CDs Marco Polo – The Journey (Artelier Music, Cologne, 1992), Renaissance en Barcelona and Los primeros siete annos (Edi Vox, Barcelona, 1993), Gems of Medieval Music (Musica Viva, Athens, 1993), Journey to Jerusalem (Al segno, Cologne, 1995), Anthology (doble CD, Al segno, 1997), Journey Through Dalmatia (Al segno, 1999), Roots of the Balkans (Classic Produktion Osnabrück, 2002), Prvih 45 godina – The First 45 Years (Renesans, Beograd, 2014).

CEBEF prepares and organizes film, music and multimedia ambient festivals with a tradition spanning over decades.


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Address : Ilije Garašanina 24

11000 Beograd

Phone : +381 11 3236530

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