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Saturday, 25 June
Captain Miša’s Mansion Courtyard at 9 PM

Youth and Association Collaboration Office of the City of Belgrade in cooperation with Cultural Centre Vuk Stefanović Karadžić

Cast: Bogdan Bogdanović, Stefan Uroš Tešić, Jelena Puzić, Aleksandar Jovanović, Gorica Regodić, Predrag Kotur

Screenplay: Jelena Paligorić
Directing: Tea Puharić

Departure lounge had its premiere on 28 November at the KULT scene of the Cultural Center Vuk Stefanović Karadžić. The play was produced by the Cultural Center Vuk Stefanović Karadžić and the ISPAD organization of the Center for Interactive Arts.
The authoring team of the project consists of the young artists from different artistic branches, united in a perpetually current topic – departing or staying in this country? The departure lounge as a metaphore of all of our waitings and departures – departures from this world, departures to another city, country; a place of random or planned meetings; a place one departures from, or waits and remains. A story about young people and for young people, but not just for them – this remained a problem of most generations. Everyone thought of it at least once, and then got up and departed. At least from a relationship or friendship. There, at the departure lounge, the characters will cross their stories, dilemmas, misapprehensions. Their lives and their readiness to take responsibility and make decisions. And to love.
It’s our story and yours.
It’s what we think of the world.
It’s how we feel in this city, in this country.
Departure lounge is a requiem for a generation. Who was never given a chance.

CEBEF prepares and organizes film, music and multimedia ambient festivals with a tradition spanning over decades.


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