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Saturday, 30 July
Sava Center at 8.30 PM

Closing of Belgrade Summer Festival BELEF 2016
Beryozka, State Academic Choreographic Ensemble of Folk Dances, Moscow

Beryozka is a state academic choreographic ensemble of folk dances, founded in 1948 by Nadezda Sergeyevna Nadezdina and it has been carrying the name of its founder since 2000 – The State Choreographic Ensemble of N.S. Nadezdina Beryozka.
The name of the ensemble (a little birch in English) was adopted from a verse from a Russian folk song: There was a little birch in a field. Nadezdina explained: At the centre of attention of our work as a whole, whether it’s a lyrical piece or a joyous dance, there’s always this poetic image of a Russian girl… We wish to show the purity and greatness of the Russian folk art with as much expression as possible. It is the very source of inspiration of our ensemble.
The ensemble was originally exclusively female (up to 1959), making the first appearance, with their hallmark dance, at the Hermitage in 1948. Later on, Nadezdina brought about other master pieces of Russian folk choreography, such as: The Little Birch Waltz, The Swan, The Chainlet, Mademoiselle, The Great Cossack Dance, The Pranksters, The Festive Dance, The Bachelors, The Siberian Suite, The Coachmen, triptych The Russian Porcelain, a cycle of the choreographic pieces The Seasons and many others. Nadezdina’s Beryozka presents quite a novelty in the life of the Russian folk dance. It represents a new beginning, not just for this very special ensemble, but also in terms of the artistic expression of the Russian choreographers in general.
After Nadezdina’s death in 1979, M.M. Kolcova, the national artist of the USSR and Ukraine and a professor, took over as the artistic director of the ensemble, carefully preserving its immeasurable legacy, successfully expanding and perfecting it at the same time.

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