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Photography exhibition MILINI ANĐELI

Student Cultural Center

Thursday, July 6, Student Cultural Center at 19.00
Photography exhibition MILINI ANĐELI
Authors: Mila Stijak, Katarina Bucić and Katarina Stojković

The project Milini anđeli is a photography exhibition and a dance performance created by the third year students of the Belgrade Dance Institute. The Institute is the first institution of higher education in the region that enables students to study in the field of professional artistic dance (classical ballet and contemporary dance), choreography and ballet pedagogy. Within the study programme at the Institute, students study subject Movement and Image, led by doc. Nemanja Maraš, and subject Performance and Installation, led by prof. Dr Snežana Arnautović. The project Milini anđeli was created in cooperation with the Institute's professors. The authors of the project, Mila Stijak, Katarina Bućić and Katarina Stojković, are engaged in this visual and performance project by examining the status and position of women in contemporary society.  

Forming a visual structure that communicates with the image of women in fashion magazines, the authors turn their focus on women who are not models and who have a problem with self-esteem and attitude towards their own bodies. The photographs are a part of the work process in which ballet dancers are presented. The idea of the authors is to present women of different professions and age in their next work. The visual setting of the project includes 22 photographs in size 70x100, printed and laminated. The dance performance that will be shown at the opening of the exhibition is performed by all participants of the project. It is an interactive performance that, in the same way as the photographs, glorifies the ordinary woman and all her beauty.

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