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Photograph Exhibition APRÈS

Student Cultural Center

Thursday, July 6, Student Cultural Center at 19.00
Photograph Exhibition APRÈS
Author: Nemanja Maraš

Après (after) is the title of a monograph containing photographs of portraits of many famous dancers taken by the author right after the performance. His idea is to capture a precious and unrepeatable expression that shows emotions and fatigue. In order to do this, he set up a set behind the scene (background with a black wall), which allows capturing an unconscious expression that reveals the feelings of a photographed person. Thus, the moment of spontaneity is captured preventing a person to strike a pose by being camera-aware. Some dancers are sweaty after the performance, while the strain on other dancers is not visible, even though they spent four physically and mentally strenuous hours performing the main role. Only the tense muscles and the bulging veins testify to the overwhelming effort.

This monograph is not just a document that takes away the present from the dust of oblivion, it is a psychological study of the photographed moment and it is a true artwork.

Nemanja Maraš was born in 1989 in Belgrade, where he graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts, Department of Applied Graphics. He has been engaged in fashion photography since the end of 2006, and two years later he started with experimental-conceptual work. So far he has worked with many fashion designers, musicians, actors, publishing companies and fashion companies, as well as with humanitarian and non-governmental organizations. Since 2014 he has been a regular member of ULUPUDS (The Applied Artists and Designers Association of Serbia). He had eight solo exhibitions, participated in two world student biennials and several group exhibitions. He is a professor at the Belgrade Dance Institute and is a freelance artist.

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