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Photo exhibition STEP

Student Cultural Center

Tuesday, July 4, Student Cultural Center, Circus Gallery at 19.00
Photo exhibition STEP
Author: Lidija Antonović


The concept of the exhibition is a step of time as a contribution to the research of our city, the affirmation of modern artistic game through the step, as well as the reminiscence of the old Belgrade. Over the past 100 years, Belgrade has changed, so much that certain locations are nowadays almost impossible to recognize, whereas on the other hand, a great number of buildings have remained intact through time. The captured moments in old photographs of Belgrade families and citizens were reconstructed by the author through directed photographs of artists or random passers-by nowadays at the exact same locations as those in the old photographs. By comparing the appearance of the former impressive places in Belgrade with today’s, where people`s step have remained the same, the author`s selection of photographs for this exhibition brings completely new perspective of both the modernity and the future.  

Lidija Antonović was born in 1984 in Belgrade. She graduated in photography from the Academy of Arts in Belgrade in 2008, in the class of professor Milan Aleksić. In the framework of her master studies at the Moving Academy for Performing Art (MAPA) in Amsterdam, she specialized in the field of photography. The tendency to explore contemporary processes of intermedia application of artistic photography led her to the field of performance, where she often explores the movement as a performer through photography. Antonović has been collaborating with the Transmedial Theatre Mimart for ten years as a photographer, performer and video artist. She has gained professional experience in the news agency TANJUG as a photojournalist and editor (2010-2011). She also worked as a professional photographer at festivals such as BELEF (2006-2008) and Bitef (2008-13) as well as at the event The Night of Museums (2006-2011). She completed the course of 3D modelling and animated film with Dr Suzanne Sloan in 2016 at the University of Bournemouth in The United Kingdom.

So far, Lidija Antonović has held 18 independent and 28 group exhibitions, three of which in Budapest (Hungary), Dortmund (Germany) and Krakow (Ukraine). She has done about ten animated and short documentaries as well as video works. She is the recipient of many rewards at home and abroad and has the status of ULUPUDS freelance artist since 2010.

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