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 Student Cultural Center

Friday, July 14, Courtyard of the Student Cultural Center at 21.00

Concept: Nela Antonović, Participants: Mimart's members and associates, Costume design: Anđelija Marković, Design: Lidija Antonović, Sound Design: Predrag Radovančević

The concept of mobile sculptures is based on the idea of the wall relief, a sculpture method of the stone processing. The conceptual reasoning makes us focus on the timeless understanding of the life of an artist, on cycles in nature, on artist`s perception in relation to the audience. The performance is an abreaction to the lives of the performance artists here and now, as well as of those we have forgotten, as a metaphor on significant people in whose honor the monuments and stone relief are made. Trans medial approach brings a different perspective of life, of creative energy and work, through the engagement of all the participants.

The Mimart Theatre is one of the first alternative theatres in former Yugoslavia, founded in 1984 in Belgrade. The focus of their work is on the phenomena of the society, since the modernity is determined by the following phenomena: geo-political, social, economic, technological, ecological, media, communicational and cultural. MIMART theatre discretely searches for the meaning of contemporary art and the possibilities for performance seen as the means of communication and change. Non-verbal theatre overcomes all the barriers: language, geographical, political, ethical, ethnic, sociological…The Mimart Theatre has been continuously working for over three decades, regardless on political, economic, social and other circumstances, which directly affect the aspects of sustainability. So far they have realized 60 plays, more than 400 performances and street projects, over 100 workshops for young people, students, dancers, actors, citizens, unknown artists, as well as the integration workshops. Along with professional projects, Mimart has successfully realized several European projects in cooperation with other artists and young people by applying the method on informal education. They have organized festivals, performances, lectures, debates, thematic discussions, and photo and artefacts exhibitions. They have participated in numerous intercultural projects abroad, particularly in theatre festivals (over 50 times), as well as in the international festivals of interdisciplinary arts, since Mimart gathers artists from various areas of art. 

CEBEF prepares and organizes film, music and multimedia ambient festivals with a tradition spanning over decades.


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