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DANSE MACABRE, choreodrama

Student Cultural Center

Thursday, June 29, Great Hall of the Student Cultural Center at 9 PM
DANSE MACABRE, choreodrama
DDT Production – Creative Center for Movement

Coreography: Tijana Malek and Dragana Stanisavljević

The play is inspired by the suffering of the Serbian people during the First World War and the poem Blue Tomb by Milutin Bojić, in which the poet pays tribute to Serbian soldiers, who, due to exhaustion, fatigue and disease lost their lives far from their homeland.
Their dead bodies were thrown into the sea, without a grave, without a cross, without a monument, since there was not enough room on the Greek island of Vido for their graves.
Here, at the bottom of the Ionian Sea, Serbian soldiers found their eternal peace.

Seven dancers who are ready to tell the story of this tragic event along with the choreographers are Mila Stijak, Katarina Stojković, Luka Stojković, Jaksa Filipovac, Branko Mitrović, Stefan Veselinović and Sava Vidicki.

The DDT - Creative Center for the Movement is an independent theater troupe, founded in 2003. Its founders and choreographers Tijana Malek and Dragan Stanisavljević, who have received many awards and recognitions at home and abroad. In addition to the dance production, they also organize workshops, art exchanges and youth education.
The work of the DDT - creative center is based on the research, development and promotion of the contemporary dance. The troupe is also developing a project of the Creative Center for the Movement with the idea of educating and introducing young generations to the world of movement and contemporary dance. This production includes dance performances and miniatures, children's performances, dancing techniques workshops, video dance works, photographs and publications.

The project was supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information, the Belgrade Dance Institute and the Cultural Centre Pančevo.

CEBEF prepares and organizes film, music and multimedia ambient festivals with a tradition spanning over decades.


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Phone : +381 11 3236530

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