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Student Cultural Center

Tuesday, July 4th, Courtyard of the Student Cultural Center at 21.00

Direction and concept: Dijana Milošević, Actors: Evgenija Eškina Kovačević , Aleksandra Jelić, Ivana Milenović Popović, Ivana Milovanović, Ivan Nikolić, Musicians: Nemanja Ajdačić, Uglješa Majdevac, Set design: Neša Paripović

DAH Theatre is an independent professional theatre laboratory founded in 1991 in Belgrade, with the mission to create profound and courageous theatre art through dedicated team work, provoking, inspiring and encouraging personal and social transformation.

The years 2016 and 2017 mark the centenary of the DADA Movement – antiwar, avant-garde art movement. Artists around the world are paying homage to this important cultural movement through a variety of exhibitions, performances, installations, and interactive educational events. Yet, the female artists who played a vital role in the DADA Movement have been severely underrepresented in these celebrations, and have largely been left-out of the popular history of Dadaism in general.

Dadaism was conceived during the First World War out of the artists' need to resist war and violence. This critical mass of creative people created an explosive movement that was total opposition to the structure and frameworks of the society at the time. Dadaism, as an artistic movement, speaks especially to us today when we see so many similarities with that time: conflicts around the world, refugee crisis, terrifying poverty. In today's political climate, artists must find a way to creatively engage in order to confront the systems of violence, such as misogyny, wars and terror of profit.

The only program of Dadaism was that there was no program, and this bold attitude gave the movement the power that spread in all directions, free from aesthetic and social constraints.

On the other hand, it is possible that the refusal of Dadaism to have any kind of program has led to the fact that this movement has never faced a question such as patriarchy.

Female artists created and worked together with their male colleagues and established some artistic concepts. It is necessary to search for different interpretations that will provide a more comprehensive picture of the DADA movement and represent an interpretation of the movement based on a more relevant history in which the female artists played an equally important role as the male artists.

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