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Heritage House

Wednesday, July 12, Heritage House, Knez Mihailova 46 at 19.00
Exhibition of Silvana Ručnov

Silvana Ručnov is a member of ULUPUDS (The Applied Artists and Designers Association of Serbia) since 2003. In the art of calligraphy she has been professionally active since 2000 as a creator, lecturer and manager. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade. Ručnov does classical and modern calligraphy. She had nineteen solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group exhibitions. She is the winner of ULUPUDS Annual Award for Creativity in 2011.
Ručnov has developed and organized numerous workshops, projects and programs for all generations. She collaborates with the Singidunum Gallery, the Art Gallery of Stara kapetanija in Zemun, the Children's Cultural Center in Belgrade, the National Library of Serbia, the Student Cultural Center - SKC, the Temple of St. Aleksandar Nevski, St. Sava Temple, Open Studio at FOA, TEDx Novi Sad, Belgrade Summer Festival - BELEF, European Heritage Days.

For many years through creative engagement and numerous educational programmes and projects the Belgrade artist Silvana Ručnov underlines the importance and different aspects of creative expression in calligraphy.
Miroslav Karić, art historian and curator

The idea that the traditional, yet very contemporary work of the excellent artist Silvana Ručnov be presented to the general public, imposed itself as a logical next step in her nearly two decades long career and persistent study of the world of letters, but also as the essential need of the time we live in.
Lidija Seničar, art historian, arts programme editor at the Children's Cultural Center Belgrade   

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