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Student Cultural Center

Tuesday, June 27, Courtyard of the Student Cultural Center at 9 PM
Concert of ALBA MOLINA and RIKARDO MORENО, Spain and KAL BAND, in collaboration with the Cervantes Institutе  

The flamеnco opus of Alba Molina will be a part of the programme at the concert in Belgrade, with jazz and soul tracks performed as part of its standard repertoire. Alba will be accompanied by Rycardo Moreno, one of the most famous flamenco and jazz composers and guitarists in Spain.

Alba Molina is a famous Spanish flamenco, jazz and blues singer of an outstanding musical talent, with a very unique voice color and a superb vocal technique. In her work, she combined different styles such as pop, hip hop, Bolero, Brazilian and Caribbean rhythms, jazz and flamenco. Therefore, the critics named her music the "universe of sound", which is difficult to fit into a particular genre.

Alba canta a Lole y Manuel. Reappearing with this album title, Alba Molina, daughter of two icons of the avant garde of flamenco, Lole y Manuel, with the extremely personal texture and magnificent tuning of her voice, an undoubtedly bold show of vocals and guitar, and no artful devices, pays homage to them with respect and humility.
More than 15 years have passed since the release of Alba Molina’s first album, after performing with the band Las Niñas. Later on, together with Andreas Lutz, she released an album Tucara, in collaboration with Rycardo Moreno, whom she has been working with ever since. Her name remains linked to such diverse artists as Jorge Drexler, Alejandro Sanz, Pedro Guerra, Navajita Plateá, Dorantes, Manuel Molina, Lole Montoya or O´funk’illo and others. And finally, the album Alba Canta a Lole y Manuel, is, as she puts it, ‘probably the most flamenco album I will ever make’, and also, with no doubt, the most personal and heartfelt album in her career.

Kal Band is an urban Romani band from the suburbs of Belgrade founded in 1996. Their musical stylе is described by critics as Rock’n’Roma. Kal stands for black in Romani language. They rose to fame in 2006. with their first official studio album. Their music is also described as a mixture of traditional Balkan Romani music with elements of tango, Middle-Eastern music and even Jamaican music. They performed at the most important domestic, European and world festivals and achieved a prominent European career.

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